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This article includes a phenomenal list of tools to help you customize your Facebook social media tactics for your business. My team is going to begin implementing those social networking tools in this list that can have the greatest impact on our company. and can help us build new likes and followers on Facebook.

When a service such as Facebook limits users’ creative freedom, it is inevitable that other add-on services will overcome this limitation. This is why then, we see more and more Facebook tab apps that give us more control and freedom when it comes to customizing a fan page or a personal profile.

I can’t really understand why Facebook doesn’t create an editor that lets users create a super fan page. I can only guess they don’t want to deal with it and prefer their uniform design, which may be boring but at least it is consistent and familiar. Instead, Facebook lets other people get creative and offer an array of Facebook related apps built on the API. In any case, you must know this by now: A personalized page can drive more attention and probably, more traffic to your brand.

The 12 Best Ways To Customize Your Facebook Pages.