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Perfect Example of Persuasion Tactics In The Movie Hidden Figures

This is a brilliant example of using persuasion tactics in a presentation to accomplish your goals. Obviously, it is a movie, but when I teach my presentation skills courses, these are some of the critical things we discuss. Know your goal Know who your audience is, their background and more Know your audience’s motivations and emotional needs Know your material and be confident in your knowledge Use passion wherever you can Speak to your audience Remember it is all about them, your audience and not you All in all a pitch perfect presentation and persuasion example. I am adding...

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The 6 Rules of Influence – How to persuade your prospects to buy

I use the book Influence Science and Practice by Robert Cialdini for literally every one of my startup and marketing clients. I also use it to teach MBA students how to present, persuade and sell better. It is the bible of persuasion and you should be applying it to every aspect of your business and startup. I’ve created a cheat sheet that you can download at the end of this post that also includes the primary rules of 2 other books that are critical to marketing success – Contagious by Jona Berger and the classic Made To Stick by Chip...

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Why Smart Startups Don’t Attend Your Event and How To Fix It

Dear “Startup” Event Organizers, I get it, you need to make money on your event or at least cover your costs. No one is asking you not to make money on your event, but you really can’t claim to be a startup event when your price of admission for a startup is the same you would charge a bank, law firm, or investor.  You also can’t claim to be open to building the startup ecosystem when you charge $150 to just apply to pitch at your event and you don’t refund the $150 if a startup isn’t selected. Frankly,...

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