If you’ve ever built a web site and searched for templates for the design of your site, then you know that there are thousands of template sites out there, that seem to all offer the exact same thing at prices that seem ridiculous. One company – Dream Template though is taking the website templates game to a new level. Now instead of paying for each template one at a time, you can get an unlimited number of templates for $59.95 from their library of over 1000. This would be a good deal for mediocre templates, but their collection is excellent, full featured and goes beyond web templates to include flash-based templates, Powerpoint templates, Word, brochures, icons, and much more and they all include the core graphic files you need to use them properly. I just noticed they also have Word Press templates and others for a number of content management systems.

Their site is fairly well designed. While cluttered like most of these sites, it is not as bad as some and gets straight to the point of their offer. I could do without the Flash intro, that provides no value as an animation, but its final message about their offer gets straight to the point. There just doesn’t seem to be a need for the delay in getting to it. That said, the message comes across and I get the information I need immediately.

Overall I am throughly impressed with the value of this offering and the quality of the product. Hopefully I can get membership access to try out the templates themselves and update this review with more information, but from the looks of things, you can’t go wrong with the offer.