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This is a great success and perseverance case study and its a great marketing technique on Twitter to get a mass of followers and attention.Unfortunately, they company’s products is a web site builder that builds web site completely based in Flash, which is a huge no no for SEO and usability purposes.

That said, I love this Twitter promotion method and thinking now about how to use for clients.

So what’s the best way to re-invigorate an internet brand after 10 long years? Get trending on Twitter, that’s how. So Moonfruit has been giving away 10 Macbooks for every year of their operation, beginning this week. The result is that it has become the top trending term on Twitter three days in a row, as all people need to do is add the hashtag #moonfruit to their tweet. An algorithm is randomly choosing a winner. There are five days left. By the second day this week it had reached 2.5% of all twitter traffic

via Why is #moonfruit trending on Twitter? It’s the rebirth of a startup.