Stop Asking Me to Provide Credit Card Details For A Free Trial

UPDATE: Oops – Just got a note from Freckle – They have a free personal option with no credit card required.  Still doesn’t take away the fact that they require the card for their other full featured accounts.

Dear Freckle Team,

My 2 cents:
I am not going to try your cool time tracking web service, despite it looking like something I would like and could use, because you demand a credit card to get a free trial.
Setup your free trial so I don’t have to give you my credit card. Its really silly that I have to remember to cancel and you have to worry about chargebacks, which will harm your rating with your merchant account provider. If I like your product I will buy it, but I am not going through a credit card process to see if I like it. It’s just the wrong philosophy in the web world and its an all around bad strategy.  Why make me work to get me signed up?
Brad Nickel
  • Alex

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  • intermediateonlinemarketeer

    I run an educational service and we provide a two week money-back guarantee. There are loads of free demos and other information on the site so you can see if you like it prior to signing up.

    We require a credit card to sign-up and we bill you at signup.

    Our reasons. It works. We only get serious users signed up, not thousands of people who might never login to the system. And given our business situation, where we license the software per user, this model works for us.

    Many consultants and other pundits don't understand the real cost dynamics of the businesses involved. The simple numbers might be:
    $5 hard cost for a free trial
    5% of the people who sign up without a credit card ever login
    half of those that login sign up.
    Cost per customer this way: WAY TOO HIGH.

    So we insist on a credit card and payment to get started. Sure, it would be nice if we had a different model. But we don't.

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