UPDATE: Oops – Just got a note from Freckle – They have a free personal option with no credit card required.  Still doesn’t take away the fact that they require the card for their other full featured accounts.

Dear Freckle Team,

My 2 cents:
I am not going to try your cool time tracking web service, despite it looking like something I would like and could use, because you demand a credit card to get a free trial.
Setup your free trial so I don’t have to give you my credit card. Its really silly that I have to remember to cancel and you have to worry about chargebacks, which will harm your rating with your merchant account provider. If I like your product I will buy it, but I am not going through a credit card process to see if I like it. It’s just the wrong philosophy in the web world and its an all around bad strategy.  Why make me work to get me signed up?
Brad Nickel