Comprehesive 3 part video explains the nitty gritty of Google search and how you get relevant results almost every time.


I’ve been involved with the Internet from the earliest “commercial” days and I remember how bad search was. Heck, the entire experience was brutally painful just to get connected and finding anything relevant was a nightmare before the better search engines came along like Excite and Alta Vista. Even then the results usually required combing through pages until you found anything worth finding and that was before their were trillions of pages. It’s difficult to understand the sheer scope of what’s involved in bringing you extremely relevant results in half a second, but this new animated scrolling infographic tool by Google called How Search Works does an excellent job explaining the nuts and bolts while still keeping it understandable.

While a bit geeky in places, the graphic takes you by the hand as it explains all the components and if you hover your mouse over the graphic elements, you can learn even more. Do yourself a favor and get an appreciation for the amazing technology and development behind a tool you take for granted.