HitTail looks like a fantastic tool for finding long tail keywords, but their requirement of a credit card is a non-starter for me, so I will never know.

Why I will Never Be a Hit Tail Customer – The evil credit card trial


I’ve had commentary from some folks, that my stance on requiring credit cards for signing up for a free trial is a bit extreme, but I thought after encountering yet another example of a tool I would like to try, but now will not, might be a good time to explain why. In this case, HitTail has decided that rather than trust me the consumer to decide whether I want their product by trying it out without a credit card, they want to put the onus on me to cancel membership if I don’t find the product suitable. It’s a very simple concept that they are violating and that is that they don’t trust me, to make the decision to buy their product, so my immediate inclisnation is to think it’s not good enough. In addition, they are making me do more work for the priviledge of trying their product and at the same time are risking merchant account issues and more work for themselves, by making me cancel if I don’t like the product.


They claim in their explaination(1), that it’s so people don’t keep registering accounts and using it for free, but while that may be a valid concern on their part, they are showing a lack of trust in me the customer and all their customers rather than developing a method to fight the fake accounts. Seems to me that a tool being used for a specific web site to find keywords, would allow them to limit trials to that domain to a 1 time try. Would I really go through all the effort of setting up a site every 14 days, just to trick them out of their product? So, don’t let me setup another account for the same web site – duh.

They have an offer on their site for a free account for bloggers that write a review of the system and while I don’t have the traffic of Tech Crunch, I do OK and have a good amount of traffic from other marketers, so instead of writing a review of the actual product, I am writing this negative assesment of their signup process.

It’s about trust. Trust me to decide whether I want your product or not. If you can only get revenue from false credit card charges, then you need to fix the perceived vlue of your product. That may or may not be the case, but do I really want to do business with someone that doesn’t have enough faith in their product not to require a credit card for a trial? Do you trust your product to sell itself? If not, then fix it.

OK, enough complaining about yet another credit card required trial. I would sure like to be checeking longtail words for all my clients, but instead, I will be moving on to find another tool and HitTail spent money on an ad click I did to find them for no reason whatsoever.