GoodUI – The initial suggestions on this site are excellent and really made me think about 2 of our portfolio companies and interface issues we are trying to solve for them. If this initial page is any indication of the quality of advice and training this site is going to give, then every Miami startup should be signing up for it.

Visual styling such as color, depth, and contrast may be used as a reliable cue to help people understand the fundamental language of navigating your interface: where am I, and where can I go. In order to communicate this clearly to your users, the styles of your clickable actions (links, buttons), selected elements (chosen items), and plain text should be clearly distinct from one another and then applied consistently across an interface.


Lean UX for Beginners – If you are practicing Lean Product strategies, then you should take a look at this excellent article on creating user interfaces for beginners. This is a treasure trove of excellent ideas and thoughts for creating your product and if you are a non-technical founder, use this to guide you on best practices for helping develop your interface and making life easier for your startup’s developer(s).

A useful technique to put ourselves in the shoes of our future users is to create “Personas”. Think of them like a cartoon in a piece of paper. You give it a name, age, gender, nationality and write down their characteristics: what problems they have, what products they consume, and how you are going to rock their world. This should be a collaborative excessive.