5 Simple Steps to a Successful Social Media Strategy.

Decide the basic profile for your average client. Where would you place them in terms of education, interests, use of technology, and time spent using social sites?

Hopefully you already have this one under control if you are an existing business. If not its time to go back to marketing 101. That said, as I consult with clients on their web marketing and social media here in Miami, I find that businesses that have been around for 20 years still don’t have any idea who their customers are or how they got them in the first place. You can get away with that when all you need to do to build your business is know people, but if you need to grow on the web, then you are going to need to analyze your customers and who they are in a very detailed way.

#2: Address Your Audience’s Top Issues

Some good suggestions in this piece, but the key suggestion missing is to understand how you can build a relationship with your clients with whatever tool you are using.  You must be genuine an real and compelling.