Before I address this strategy, let me say that I am not the right market for this. I am not a Christian and am not a candidate for conversion, but sometimes a marketing tactic and strategy is so right and so well done,  that you have to recognize that and acknowledge how smart it is.

In this case the tactic is guerilla marketing oriented and it works brilliantly and in this case is for a non-commercial product.

My wife, son, and I were driving in Kendall, FL today looking at houses, when we saw a group of poeple holding signs in an interesection a few blocks ahead. As we got closer we saw they held signs saying Free Pepsi with the Pepsi Logo on it. I immediately assumed that this was a Pepsi giveaway, was thirsty and decided to roll down my window and accept the freebie from the college aged young woman handing them out. As we pulled away, we noticed a business card on top that said:

You looked too thirsty to pass up!

We hope this small gift brings some light into your day. It’s a simple way of saying God loves you – no strings attached! Let us know if we can be of assistance.

On the reverse side was the name of a church, their web address, a map to it, and their phone number.

It was a simple, low-cost, well executed message that left a very positive feeling with the person receiving it. I am usually completely turned off by church evangelism, but in this case, I respected the message, the method, and the respect they showed me.

Whether they see it right away in tomorrow’s church service or over time, this is an excellent method of drawing attention to their product/service.