Below is our video from last night’s Startup Grind Miami event. Mario Cruz reveals his experience raising $4,5 million for his Miami startup Choose Digital that was recently acquired by Viggle. Quite a few great lessons in this video, including these:

  • Insight into his team building and management strategies with clearly excellent practices.
  • His secret to getting the sales meetings he wants with big players.
  • Why fail fast is mostly a myth and how his team handles fail fast.
  • How many hundreds of pitches he had to give to get the big funding number.
  • Why the hell he chose to take all stock from Viggle for his company.
  • His complete story from high school to acquisition and how his personal attitude, family, and business partners made it happen.
  • and much much more.

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Startup Grind with Mario Cruz from Brad Nickel on Vimeo.