I am a progressive politically, but one of my favorite true to his convictions conservatives is Andrew Sullivan and I visit his site very often. Last night The Atlantic, the parent site to his blog launched a new design. I like the style, but from a usability perspective it is severely lacking.

Here’s my email to Andrew:


The new design looks nice, but works for nada in terms of being an interface to an application, which it is. I realize it may work for the ad, but if I don’t stay on the page(I not being me I refresh obsessively) because I can’t see any content, then whats the point?

 1. Cut the masthead down to about a 10th of what it is. “The Atlantic” does nothing for me as a visitor to your site.
 2. Kill the all caps navigation and the java script sub nav. Bad interface design. Not intuitive and not easy. It keeps me from
    visiting the rest of the site.  All CAPS is bad on the eyes too and expresses urgency, yet those links are not urgent.
 3. Why the tiny search box? Move it to left below “The Dish” masthead.
 4. Do you really need a “Dish” masthead/banner? At least one that big?
 5. Mixed fonts everywhere. MY EYES!  mY EYeS!!

Love your writing and love your point of view. I don’t always agree, but I enjoy myself when I visit.

The main point here is that when you visit his blog, you can’t get to actual content without scrolling way down.

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