I love software. I love tweaking, critiquing, and creating software. I like client applications, but I really enjoy web applications. Recently I realized that I am spending a good amount of time commenting upon and providing feedback too application developers/sites via email and it seemed to me, that my insights and 20 plus years of technology, strategy, and B2B experience might be valuable on this blog. Marketing is fun for me, but what I enjoy most is technology and “strategy.

So, I am going to make a slight shift in the content here. I will still provide marketing information, tips, and ideas that I think businesses of all sizes will find useful, but I am also going to start providing revies of applications, strategies, etc. for software that I give a try.

Hopefully the developers will find it useful and those of you visiting will too.

The review will focus upon usability, enhancements, needed features, target markets, etc. It will hopefully be of interest to developers, product management/marketing types, venture capitalists, and founders of web 2.0 companies.

My first two will be reposts of emails I’ve shared with some folks that have a cool CRM and productivity applications.