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The rules of marketing seem to be an ever-growing set of things to remember and it’s really nice when someone refereshes your memory and brings something front and center for you, like Ivana does in her most recent piece. Even the simplest and most obvious things can be easily forgotten when we are tied up in the complexity of the technology of web marketing, SEO, and SEM tasks.

Take a few minutes and just listen to the conversations around you. Count how often you hear the following words: but, want, should, hope, try.

Replace “but” with “and”

You won’t believe how often “but” comes up in your conversations. All you need to do is notice how you are using it. Are you using “but” to limit your options or are you using “but” to clarify something. In my example, I was using “but” as an excuse to not go forward. When you change the sentence to, “I’d love to hire a writer AND I can’t afford it,” it doesn’t dismiss the action, instead, it begs the question: “How can I afford to hire a writer?” This sentence gives you control and it doesn’t make the need for a writer go away.

via The Power Of Language: 5 Wicked Words That Are Sabotaging Your Success : Lifestyle :: American Express OPEN Forum.