Dear Electronic Frontier Foundation,

Please find a real threat to focus upon and leave what works alone.  I really do appreciate some of the things you do, but I suspect this “Apple Needs to Be Open”  rant is a PR play to capitalize on the press Woz generated with his silly comments, because there is not a single real life threat identified in your post. I applaud Apple’s closed iOS and encourage them to take OS X the same damn place they started with iOS. Lock it down and do what’s best for the user first, let developers make a gazzilion dollars, and please, please, please continue to make money hand over fist for Apple by taking a cut of every app sold, so I can continue to hold products in my hand that literally take my breath away.  Apple products and their app market represent more usability and innovation than has ever been seen in the computing world before, because they made digital usable for everyone.

Go buy an Android and watch the crap that “open”gets you – dysfunctional, shitty user experiences subject to malware, poor performance, and endless technical and upgrade issues just like Windows and it’s only going to get worse and worse.  What version of Android is on this pretender device? Do I want Neopolitan or does the Taco Supreme version have what I need? Which app store can I use? Oh, I have to root it and install something else to get the apps I want? Great business model. Does the EFF really want to be the champion of useless crap, dissatisfied and frustrated users, and the opposite of enabling technology for Grandmas, Grandpas, Dads, and Moms? Really? That’s what you are doing with your call for “openness”.

If you don’t like closed, go play someplace else. This is Apple’s world, Apple’s technology, and Apple’s prerogative, and while there are plenty of annoyances and things I’d like to change and be able to do in iOS, I am eternally grateful to Apple for creating everything I knew computing could be since I first touched a computer 30 years ago.

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I’ve spent my entire computing life dealing with the hassles, annoyances, and performance problems that come with a more “open” software infrastructure and I’ve had enough of it. I love the power to compute that Apple gives to everyone that touches an Apple device and nothing else on the planet has ever come within a million miles of creating what they have with iOS.

EFF, go find yourself a real threat to deplore of. Apple has made me want to create great software again and they’ve made it possible for me to focus on the functionality and the user without all the hassles. I’ll happily give Apple their cut for allowing me to create on their brilliant closed platform.