Screen Shot 2013-06-24 at 10.26.18 PMIf you are building a Miami Startup and haven’t joined Microsoft’s BizSpark program for startups, then you are missing out on some incredible benefits. One of those benefits is $150 per month to use on discounted cloud servers on their Microsoft Windows Azure cloud infrastructure. Before you howl that you do not develop for Microsoft platforms, rest easy, because Azure supports LAMP, WAMP, and many other configurations and they offer tools and support as well.

Microsoft’s Azure platform has been rapidly increasing it’s market share and is approaching $1 billion in annual sales and they’ve been receiving strong reviews for their product and service levels.

Beyond that, you get an incredible list of benefits to make this an even better offering:

  • A free MSDN license with free access to all Microsoft products including all versions of Windows, Office, etc. 
  • Free and discounted offers from numerous providers to help your company grow
  • Access to network partners, including investors, mentors and startups in your area and around the world
  • A community of peers—online, one-on-one, and at BizSpark events.

This is a great offering and one any startup that is bootstrapping or just getting started should take advantage of in order to get you company off the ground.

If you are private, have less than $1million in annual revenue, are developing software and are less than 5 years old, then you qualify.

Now, go signup.

BizSpark Details – Pricing.