eyetalkhomeThe folks at Eye Talker have a really cool use of technology in the form of a working prototype, that serves a great purpose in society. Their technology evolved from the team’s research work for NASA creating technology that would allow drones to read text from a distance. They are now applying that research to helping blind people have text read to them via a piece of hardware in the form of glasses. They claim that the technology is ready to be developed in commercial form and are seeking funding to get the process moving.

Their market is huge as you can see in the video below and government subsidies will give them the ability to generate revenue if they can get in the pipeline with distributors of these types of tools.

I think the difficulty for them will be convincing investors that don’t know this space, that the investment is solid and that the market is in fact large enough for a big eventual exit. The team seems to have laid the groundwork for their launch by talking to big players in the space. Their credentials are excellent and their branding is in a good place, but the question will be whether an investor not from their space will take a chance. My thought would be that they should license the tech to players in the space rather than trying to build their own channels and they indicate that this may be an option.

I love what they are doing, but suspect that venture capitalists and angel investors int he audience would also like to have seen them making a pitch related to drones… 🙂

Again, excuse the pitiful video quality. The iphone just couldn’t handle the poor lighting behind the speakers.