gAdFHEgGOX5IMGpThe guys at Codelight are trying to take over the enterprise mobile app development marketplace with a suite of tools that they definitely don’t want ending up in the hands of consumer grade developers. I am joking, but as you can see from the Q&A in the video below, they are adamant that the consumer market is not for them and so they want to focus on the billions in the enterprise space. Not sure their market is the $20 billion they think it can be, but if they do it right, it can be substantial. Of course, enterprise sales are a lot more difficult, but from their pitch it sounds like they’ve made good progress and have signed up the NY Times for some kind of test of the product.

I’ve used a large number of prototyping tools in the market and their demo was too brief for me to see whether theirs has value and not sure I want to spend the $14.99 they want in the app store for their app. It’s a very crowded space and their app as yet does not generate xcode from the interfaces users build, but they say that is coming.

Their demo of their speccing platform was a bit rushed, so was difficult to tell the value. I’ll see if I can setup some time to see more of it in action and get a real feel for the potential. Having been in the B2B space at all levels for much of my career, I can tell you it’s a tough nut to crack, but once you are in, you have a ton of potential. Whether they can get that far will remain to be seen, but I like that strategy. I wouldn’t of course limit my saturation with the enterprise requirement and would frankly drop the price of my mockup app dramatically, just to get it in the hands of enterprise developers so they will take an interest in the platform once they are tied together.