Sam Altman the CEO of Loopt put together this fantastic list of great advice for startups that others have given to him. I can’t find much I would change nor can I think of much I would add. No list is perfect, but this incredible list of entrepreneurial tips will take you a long way to getting your Miami startup rolling.

Here are a few of my favorites:

1. Make something people want.

2. A great team and a great market are both critically important—you have to have both. The debate about which is more important is silly.

6. You have to have an almost crazy level of dedication to your company to succeed.

12. Obsess about the quality of the product.

26. Startups are very hard no matter what you do; you may as well go after a big opportunity.

36. Remember that you are more likely to die because you execute badly than get crushed by a competitor.

My favorite 🙂 :

22. Don’t die.

I’ll do a post soon on my startup leadership philosophy, but this one says a lot about it:

56. Always praise good work.

What are your favorites. Post them in the comments.