wpid-PastedGraphic-2012-07-13-14-31.tiff I received a high impact email today from Scott with Power.com and I have to say, that I am truly impressed. I’m not impressed with what they offer, but am definitely impressed that someone has the guts to actually try to pull off selling @power.com email addresses for $1,488 per year. The sheer audacity of this ploy is beyond astounding to me. Come one people get a grip. Register a domain for $11 at Godaddy.com and get the domain of your choice and get an actually email account for it at the same time. I’m sure Scott had to pay a pretty penny for that domain, but why not actually build something of value to people rather than waste it on what is essentially playing on the naiveté of others.

What’s really fun is they actually compute the value of your chosen email address. brad@ was $1488, but if I want bradnickel@, then it’s a bargain basement price of only $688. I could also get TheDogRanToTheStore@ for the same bargain basement price of $688.

Now here’s the real clincher, you also have to pay a setup fee of $488 no matter what the value of the domain is.

Hey Scott, if you want me to pay $1488 for an email address, you damn well better be delivering email as a printed document and be ready to take my dictation as a reply.

In the spirit of competition, I am offering lifelong forwarded email addresses @clickbrain.com for only $14.88. Imagine the power you will have if you buy sally@clickbrain.com. Come on now and get yours before they run out.

Here’s the email: