Screen Shot 2013-06-27 at 11.30.52 AMThe video below is an example of a very good startup pitch. Christian Holterhaus of iFavor was well organized, planned, and highly persuasive while he gave his pitch to judges from the Miami Innovation Fund. His deck was clean and succinct and while I am not usually a fan of animation in presentations, he used animations to clearly portray his business, the model, and the technology needed to grow his startup.

Miami startup iFavor’s concept is to use an app to allow club goers to choose the music they want to hear in a club in an automated fashion or via suggestions to DJs. The app will also allow users to interact with each other in and out of the club creating the opportunity for clubs to promote themselves in the street. I am no expert in this field, so can’t speak to the viability of the model, but the concept and presentation were highly compelling to me.

There were a number of concerns among the judges about his business model in terms of replacing DJs, but in all, it was clear who the winner would be as soon as he stopped presenting. There were also a number of great ideas for expanding the concept that were presented.

Sponsors included The Lab Miami, Miami Inovation Fund, MX Media Fusion, CrunchFire, MIT Forum of Florida, Citrix, Edwards Wildman, Axxis, University of Manchester, and

Here is the pitch video and below is the Q&A and Doug O’Keefe announcing the winners.

Pitch by Miami Startup iFavor

Q&A of Miami Startup iFavor

And The Winner Is…iFavor

Here are some clip from the introductory discussions. Sorry for the lack of names and labels, it took me a week just to get the videos up…. :). This video features Doug O’Keefe from Miami Innovation Fund, Howard Gitten of  Edwards Wildman, Frank Nemanic and Steve Repetti of CrunchFire, and  Rolando Masferrer from Manchester Business School. The Judges also included Jack Karabees of Miami Innovation Fund.

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