Bloop_It_and_Press_ThisMiami Startup has released a cool new app called BloopIt. BloopIt allows users to watch and share snippets of YouTube videos and it’s quite addicting. This is a really great idea and they’ve done a great job with the interface.

Today, they made it to TechCrunch, which will hopefully translate into a large number of installs. Their already successful web site based on nostalgia discussions and postings, is a great tie-in to this type of product.

But on a smartphone, when you’re on the go and perhaps on a less powerful network, the YouTube experience isn’t always so seamless. That’s why Bloop It has launched in the App Store.

Banking on growing interest in mobile video sharing and creation, Bloop It wants to tailor the YouTube video sharing experience for mobile devices, starting with the length of the video.

Rather than sharing full-length videos, Bloop It lets you cut your favorite twenty-second clip from videos to send to friends and followers.

Bloop It Takes Cutting And Curating YouTube Videos To Mobile | TechCrunch.