Another video(below) from last month’s Refresh Miami Demo Night. This one is Postkard.com’s pitch for their quick and easy postcard sending app. Snap a picture with your iPhone or iPad add a message and a contact’s mailing address and voila, you have sent an original postcard. I think this is a great way to send a moment in time to a friend or family member, but also a cool way to commemorate a meeting or to send a thank you for a meeting and remind a prospect that you appreciated their time and collaboration.

From a technology perspective, this isn’t something you see as changing the world, but I am sure the automation on the backend wasn’t easy.

Pricing is only 99 cents for a postcard, so I am not sure how much they are making per postcard in order to make this a viable and profitable app, especially since Apple takes a cut of the in app purchase. They didn’t have a lot of time to explain the plans for promotions, but I can see an opportunity marketing on the postcards and via sharing capability to social networks.

I also have seen competitors for this kind of app including printing on demand by Apple, so here’s hoping that the folks at Postkard.com can pull it off.

I did run a quick test of the app and it was perfectly simple enough to make it happen. Would like to see the ability to add a message to the photo with cool graphics, etc. Cutouts, bubbles, and captions could be fun. Since you can use a photo on your phone, you can do it via an editing app and then send. You could even layer your logo in and send unique messages to clients, etc. To me, that model might be a good differentiator to other competitors if they place a focus on business related mailings at least in initial term.

I tried to find more contact info about the firm to ask more questions, but web site is sparsely populated.