Free_Business_Phone_System._VoIP___Texting_on_iOS__Android__Web_-_SendHubThis is a good overview of how Sendhub raised $2 million without VCs after being rejected by 50 of them. I would love it if they posted far more details about the hows of what they did, but there is enough here to get you started down a path and you may just want to reach out to them if you have questions. They did use crowdfunding through FundersClub, so if nothing else it proves the model that it works.

Going in, they did have the advantage that they are a Y-Combinator company, so they had connections and cachet to help the process along, but it sounds like equity crowdfunding platforms can provide the assistance you need to make it easier. I’d recommend you give Miami’s own EarlyShares a run with your startup if you are looking to raise a round.

Scarcity, or investors’ fear of not being able invest in your company, is an important asset in any fundraising process. We set a low and very achievable target for our fundraising, then increased the round size as it filled up. Each time a new investor committed, we asked them to post about us on online, building more buzz.

via FundersClub | How We Successfully Raised Our Series A Online.