speakeasy_logo_welcomeInteresting to see how other communities are creating less formal centers of entrepreneurial activity and how beneficial they can be for everyone. We have a lot of great spaces being created in South Florida for startups, but I’m not sure whether they are the same kind of informal gathering places. I’ve seen a lot of great energy at our co-working spaces, so we may be on the same path, but a large facility like those described here could be a great catalyst for even more activity. I haven’t visited every space, so in fairness, I will need to spend some time in all the spaces to see if we are creating the same thing.

It’s where freelance developers and designers code on couches, where start-up founders and investors camp out in conference rooms, craft beers flow during evening hackathons and meet-ups, lawyers and marketers give business-building workshops and where corporate CEOs come to scout out the next technologies to best serve their business.

Call it a community center for start-ups, a central gathering place for entrepreneurial activity. Even better, it’s a key economic development driver for Indiana’s biggest metropolis, creating new jobs and wealth around emerging technologies and industries.

What do you think? Do we already have our bases covered in our existing co-work and incubator spaces or do we need something different for our Miami Startups?

Community centers for start-ups create buzz.