This study and others from AOL and Cornell, prove that once again, Google is changing the way we function on the net. Most users now only use the top 5 results from any search. In addition and something I believe needs to be studied more is the fact that users are often ignoring ads.

Why Google Results are Crucial

It’s not clear that Google has gotten any better, but certainly our use of it has become habitualised. Google’s popularity and dedicated following mean that a large majority of users have grown extremely familiar with the search giant and refine searches to display exactly what they need within the top 5 results. We now expect to find our required answer in the top 5 results.

The use of Google has become habit and users have optimized their behaviour accordingly; they now act in order to eliminate the need to scroll below the fold or sift through additional pages of results. Nowadays to compete competently, you must know your customer’s search words, and land in the top 5, if not top 3 results.