So, I wanted to check out the new SalesForce Marketing Cloud product and visited their main web site at I was excited to see how it competes against viaPulse in terms of providing engaging content.


So, I dutifully clicked on the video button to play the Marketing Cloud demo video and then….

Nada. No video, just a form required to view the video.


So, I tried to close the shadowbox in hopes that I woud then be able to watch the video. Nope!

I mean, I get it, they are a very sales focused organization and they really want the chance to talk to you, but how the heck am I supposed to know whether I want to waste my time on a call with a salesperson if I don’t even know the fundamentals of the product.

This is the new realm of content and relationship marketing and not trusting your prospects to actually know whether they need you or not is offputting and silly.