This is truly amazing. At about 8:45 I did a test blog post and put the word gokooner in my post. I checked at the time and found that there were no results on Google for that made up term. I then setup a web search and news alert on Google that would alert me as soon as the word turned up on Google. Interestingly enough, it does not show up as yet in the current results on the engine, but I guess it will show soon enough if Google alerts is sending it out. It turned up 35 minutes later when I received the following email:

Google Blogs Alert for: gokooner

gokooner Segmentation Works
By Brad
I’m curious about gokooner and whether major search engines will pick up on my interest in that. It has been a long time in coming. What I will do is setup some alerts at Y and G to see if they send me alerts when they have it in their … – Web Marketing… –

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That to me is truly amazing. My site gets spidered a lot is what it tells me, which makes links also pretty powerful. I can not believe this. Real time spidering by Google.