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Good tips from great examples for how to manage your business social media marketing campaigns on Twitter.

I still have difficulty seeing how Twitter can maintain brain share. I truly believe that there will be a burnout on the service, because its too much for the average business person to digest. Real time = a flood of data and information and NONE of us has time for that. That said, you should do what we do and hire people to manage it, because it does create business whether we like it or not and can have a very strong SEO influence.

JetBlue Airways is another great example of a company that manages its Twitter brand well. Morgan Johnston, manager of corporate communications, says there are approximately 20 people behind JetBlue’s corporate account. “Every one of us is an established crewmember with expertise in different areas within the company that our followers find useful,” Johnston says

via Twitter for Brands: 6 Winning Strategies to Learn From.