Very interesting data about local market usage levels. Hate to sound crass, but some of the places would normally be associated with places that are boring or cold. I said some, before you come after us.  Other locations are more interesting and may speak to the population having more idle time such as Mobile-Pensacola. Still though, these are also good ways to think about what you offer and how. If you were to target these markets or other segments that are longer browsers on the net, then you may be able to promote yourself via lengthier and more identity establishing methods like videos, chats, and other interactions like presentations and case studies.

Of course as I always say, you then have to test and track the value of the lead or customer. Make sure it all ties together.

The unique visitors data was more “traditional” or “predictable in its results.

Local markets aren’t created equally. Nielsen//NetRatings tracks the top 10 markets by time spent online and unique visitors for the month of April.

The data are part of the MegaView local set. Nielsen//NetRatings uses a random-digit-dial panel and metering technology to report audience measurement and advanced tracking.

Source: Top 10 Local Markets online, April 2007

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