Ahhh… Tools for those incapable of generating their own content and traffic based on the value of that content. This is not marketing, it is cheating. Why is it that some people are too lazy to just put in the work and instead are guilty of cluttering up the web with crap. I am truly annoyed with these products.

Yes, it is easier for a simple online tool to rapidly generate new pages based on 1, but where is the value and satisfaction. You know that people are landing on these useless pages of crap that were created and getting annoyed and frustrated with the net. Those that use these tools are killing the usability of the net and of text. An Internet full of useless information is….


Write quality content about how you created software and the underlying techniques for managing large amounts of content, domains, and cloning and generate content and traffic that way.

How about developing a landing page generation system since the functional attributes of your content spinners are are primary components of landing page systems. Why would you create something that helps people cheat. It almost sounds like from their page, that it could become a multivariate testing engine.

The point being – what a waste of brain power.

Jetspinner is a new and free content spinner you’ll love if you do article marketing. I’ve spoken about the benefits of article or content spinning before and explained how to use article spinners in my post, End Duplicate Content Articles.

And just like the software I talked about there (and the other paid solutions), Jetspinner enables you to create hundreds of unique variations of your articles for use on your website and submission to article directories, etc. That in turn means you can quickly and easily establish yourself as an expert in your field and create hundreds of natural-looking backlinks whilst avoiding Google’s duplicate content penalty.

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