Phenomenal post by Ian Lurie on taking care of the fundamentals of site optimization and web marketing basics. A lot of these are fairly technical, so feel free to post a question in the comments, but following these will provide excellent results. I am already seeing some gaps for my web marketing clients here in Miami and will be working on them right away.

Speed up: Get Google Page Speed. Run it on every page of your site. Until you have a 90+, you aren’t done. What? Your IT guy doesn’t think it’s worth doing? Make him wait an extra 10 seconds for everything for the next 2 days. He’ll change his mind, I promise.

For the love of all that’s good, check how you link to your home page. Does your logo link point at ‘’ or something like that? Yes? Bleah. Fix it! Point it at ‘’ or ‘’ – whichever one you noted in the last item.

via The internet marketing list, 2: 59 more things – Conversation Marketing.