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I just started subscribing to Howard Givner’s posts and already found value in the first article alert I received from him. While he is involved in the events industry primarily with his work, this piece on why some small businesses fail is excellent. I’ve seen it time and again, that someone is excellent at the service they provide, but horrible at running and marketing their business. Its a totally different set of skills and we are running into small business and other corporations here in Miami and all over South Florida that desperately need help with financials, technology, operations, marketing, the web, and sales, but can deliver the service they are good at doing. Its the never ending story.

Gerber’s tenet is basically this:  There is a big difference between being good at a craft, and being good at the business of selling and providing that craft. Too often people assume that if they’re good at being carpenters, or event planners, they should be able to run a business a carpentry or event planning business.  Sadly, those skills do not run hand-in-hand and are completely unrelated.

via The E-Myth: Why Most Small Businesses Fail, & What You Can Do About It » HowardGivner.com.