As I started to write this post I thought I better check out the Motley Fool web site and see what is going on there and if there is still value in visiting. Sure enough, the site is still chock full of useful and free information. That was surprising to me, because I hadn’t bothered to visit their site in ages.

I don’t begrudge anyone changing their business model and making more money and evidently their strategy is working, but of late the only communications I’ve gotten from the Fools, is hard sell, hard come on, long sales letters schlock.(below is a screen shot of page 2 of 16 pages of emai):

The Secret Behind
Oil’s Hidden Millionaires

Yes, I know, those long cheesy read all the way to the end and you will buy sales letters work, but that doesn’t have to make me like them. Every email I’ve gotten from them in the last 2 years has been these over the top you will be wealhty, act now before you die broke emails selling me some report that’s worth $23,000, but I can have it for $595and look how much you’ll make, etc etc. Sigh… whaat happened to the Motley Fools that just wanted to help me? Sales of their books weren’t enough? Anyway, its their business, but its also their brand and right now I put them in the same leagues as late night infomercials, ginzu knives, and used car salesmen. Whatever works for them is fine with me. Go schlock your money to the bank. but its just not the way I want my brand. Their web site is chock full of value, but I don’t bother to visit anymore, because I have a bad taste for who they’ve become.

I am writing a book on Prospect Value Marketing and this is a perfect example of losing the value of the brand, because you stopped providing value with every communication to me.

Good luck and best wishes to the Fools, but I’m just not foolish enough anymore.