facebook logoIt’s so nice to be validated by scientific studies! For a very long time now, I’ve been saying that the success of Facebook is based upon the need of

people to have their existence validated. It is a central component to being successful in marketing on Facebook and why I always tell my web marketing clients in Miami to be sure they understand, that marketing in general is never about you, but rather about me – your customer. If my interests, my needs, and my ego are at the core of your marketing then if your product is worth a damn – you win!

Yay me! I’ve been validated… 😉

Everyone just wants to belong, right? In the online aspect of our lives, Facebook offers us that virtual sense of belonging. The study claims that Facebook meets two basic social needs: 1 the need to belong and 2 the need for self-presentation. Self-esteem and self-worth are associated closely with the first basic social need, to belong.

via Study: Why Do People Use Facebook?.