Social media sucks up 23% of time online – Computerworld

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No real surprise here, but it tells you where you better be spending your time and energy if you believe in building relationships instead of BS marketing. Yes, you still need advertising venues to get attention on the web and off, but you better be investing time or hiring someone to invest the time to build relationships via social media on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

Of course, the first social media you must embrace is email. I have a client prospect in Hollywood, Florida selling over $600,000 per month online exclusively of high ticket items and they don’t yet have a newsletter, much less a presence in social media. It’s truly insane. Get the basics together or hire us to do it for you, but do it.

According to the Nielsen survey, Americans today are spending nearly a quarter of their online time posting comments, pictures and video on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, making it the most popular online activity among Americans.

Image via CrunchBase

via Social media sucks up 23% of time online – Computerworld.

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