Marketing Technologist – I call myself a Marketing Geek a Geekster that Markets, etc. etc., but finally someone puts it in the right framework and with the right description. We are marketers that get technology and we are crucial to the future of marketing.

So, CMT it is – Chief Marketing Technologist

Marketing technology isn’t just software you buy — it’s also software you create. Web applications, widgets, Facebook apps, iPhone apps, Android apps, interactive ads, the semantic web, and even the connected features of your products are now part of marketing’s realm.

Digital marketing has grown far beyond the web site. As marketers, we now manage a vast, extended web that includes landing pages, microsites, social media outposts, mobile apps, dynamic ads and more. I view this as a kind of solar system model, with many platform planets orbiting your central marketing strategy.

And new planets seem to enter our gravitational field every year. This year, the iPad and tablet computing are emerging as the latest satellites in orbit.

3 Spheres of Marketing Technology

All these technologies — the ones we buy, the ones we build upon — can be categorized into three overlapping spheres:

3 spheres of marketing technology

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