Its hard to tell from this article how much of RevCube’s model is human and how much is computer, but if it really works then it has potential far beyond multivariate testing. This is multivariate testing on steroids. I will check it out and write more soon, but keep on eye on this. If you are competing against conversions with this kind of backend, then you may not be able to compete.

Revcube’s technology looks at 5,000 attributes in ads from across the Web — everything from color to keywords to image sizes.

Identifying surfers by their IP addresses, it can grab details such as gender, age, and political affiliation from behavioral networks like Revenue Science and data services like Quantcast. These profiles are then analyzed by Revcube’s proprietary system, allowing the San Francisco startup to predict which text ad, banner ad, or marketing e-mail is most likely to make each potential new customer click.

With client LiveCareer, for example, Revcube designed about 100 different banner and text ads and 40 landing pages (where customers are sent after clicking on an ad) and tested them against thousands of demographic and environmental attributes.

Revcube data crunching may be the future of online marketing: Financial News – Yahoo! Finance