However your site is published, whether it is using a content management system like WordPress or you are stuck in the past using static HTML, you need to immediately figure out how to get sharing buttons into your site, so that those visiting your content can share things they find interesting. Of course, that also requires that you create content that is interesting enough for people to want to share, but that’s a lesson for another day. Here’s why:

BrightEdge said a first-of-its kind in-depth analysis of more than 4 million tweets shows pages that display Twitter share buttons get 7 times the social media mentions than sites that do not, pointing to enormous social marketing opportunity that brands can implement immediately at almost no cost.

This should be pretty obvious without a study telling you that that is the case, but some people need to be hit over the head with it. So, how can you rapidly implement sharing buttons in your content and especially on your blog posts? I recommend if you are using a content management system like WordPress, that you use one of the many plugins that will immediately let you add buttons to all of your content on your site. It will first require you to go create accounts for your brand on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. and you should be creating pages for your company, not just your personal involvement. Then, the single fastest way to get this setup easily,, is to use a service like AddThis. It’s free and they have plugins for every major content management system like Drupal and WordPress.

If you haven’t yet done this very single task and really begun work on these types of cross promotion social media applications, then you are passing on traffic to your site that may equal revenue. Yes, we are all incredibly busy, but there really is no excuse for not hitting the mark on the fundamentals.