Video of at Refresh Miami Demo Night is at bottom of this post. 

popcologoHow many times have you had an idea for a business or an application and didn’t know where to get started? Well, the first thing to do especially if you want to do business on the web, is get a domain, setup a placeholder page, and setup email accounts for your team. What if you could do all of that in one quick signup process? That’s where comes into play. From the folks that bring you the .CO domain, for web sites and emails, is a few quick steps to domain registration, email accounts at Google Apps, and a placeholder page for your business. It comes with a 15 day free trial and is only $5 per month after that for extra users.

This is a really brilliant concept by the folks at and one I’d like to see them expand further into full web sites and even offering Incorporation and corporate kit services from my client(let me know if you’d like to discuss a revenue share guys).

Pop your business online - .CO name + Gmail + LaunchRock in 30 seconds - POP.coThe application and signup process is beautifully simple and in no time at all you are up and running. I setup one of my ideas tonight and it went pretty well. I would recommend a warning to users, that it may take a bit of time for the DNS entries for LaunchRock the placeholder service to propagate after completed, but  within 20 minutes of finishing their signup, I had a page ready to go, emails flowing smoothly and an identity for the company.

Other services they should add:

  1. Logo design
  2. Web site setup using WordPress
  3. Incorporation and corporate kits as I mentioned above
  4. Accounting applications that are free like Wave Accounting.
  5. Strategy, marketing, design, and development services for startups – (Shameless Plug!)

This is a beautifully executed concept and I am thoroughly impressed with the work these folks are doing in a really tough industry to position themselves as the go to company for starting a company using their primary product, .CO domains.

Apologies for the video quality with bad lighting and an iPhone 5.