35waysbookcoverWe recently launched a new campaign for Landry & Kling called 35 Ways to Trim the Fat and Keep the Sizzle. The goal of the campaign is to gather contacts in the meeting planning world in order for our sales team to build relationships with our prospects and introduce them to the idea of group cruises by showing them the value while also giving them something they can use in their daily work. The campaign centers around an ebook they can download that shows them 35 tips for saving money on land-based events. Our mission is to educate planners that cruises can be more cost-effective and powerful options for their events than land-based events, so we give them valid tips for saving on an event while pointing out on a cruise they wouldn’t even need to worry about it. Our prospect market isn’t familiar with cruising for the most part, so we have to provide a 2 tiered method of getting them interested.

We are promoting this via social networks, email to our current lists, slide share presentations, and advertising on pay per click and social networks. So far the response has been excellent and we are excited about continuing our efforts by offering more and more useful content to our target market.

We are utilizing very granular tracking of all aspects of the campaign so we can see the results and understand why drives the most conversions. So far social posting by employees is winning the day.

These campaigns will be followed up with drip email campaigns to the interested parties with even more valuable content.

Here are some of the elements of the campaign.

The ebook(click to download):




Landing page(click to view):


SlideShare Presentation: