There is no more powerful way to see how your design is working than through heat maps. Here is a system all laid out for you to try.

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After the interest shown about the clickmaps / heatmaps articles, I’ve decided to gather all the information into an easy to use system. What we are going to make is a complete solution that allows collecting, analyzing and showing the click information our users give us. Now, it works in web pages not center aligned and is quite a bit more robust. Read on…

If you are a webmaster, you had probably thought about what do users do in your website. Beyond usual statistics, clickmaps allow you to find where your users are clicking. This is quite useful to find areas in needing of change, layouts that don’t work as intended or anchors that aren’t being understood as you would like.

You’re going to be able to find every single click your users make in your website, being over a link or even in blank areas. We are going to do it the following way:
The proccess

We need to divide the full proccess into some manageable steps that use some open source tools. Since I work both in windows and linux systems, I’ll be OS agnostic and use only tools available in most systems, including Mac OSX.
The main steps and the tools they use are the following:

1. The collecting (javascript and apache)
2. The processing (ruby and imageMagick)
3. The showing (javascript)