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Dear WordPress,

I don’t want to break up and I don’t think we need space apart(hell with all the kids we have out there together, I couldn’t if I wanted too), but I would like it to be easy to get laid once in awhile. You are a thing of beauty and yet a complex moody pain in the ass at the same friggin time. I am tired of fighting you to get you to do the right thing and I wish to hell I could find one damn outfit that would fit you correctly the first time. Everything about you is complex, but you solve so many problems too.

OK< in plain English, I shouldn't have to hire a developer and designer, to implement a premium theme I bought. It looks all pretty and nice on the shelf and in the demo pages and then I get it home and find it's a total pain in the ass to implement, use, and make look good. Your simplicity is a lie, because your structure is layer of complexity. I want an interface to you that let's me decide how you will look and you will look good whether I am a designer or know PHP or not. Everyone loves to point to the 5 zillion themes available to be implemented in WordPress, but 90% of that zillion are ugly amateurish crap and the other 10% are a pain in the ass. They NEVER work like nor function like they are promoted. Yes, I've tried the frameworks, and the platforms, and the builders and they are all a gigantic lie. They either fail to ever look even close to what was promised or they look so badly broken, that you know that 30 plus hours of tweaking and silliness lay ahead of you. I love you WordPress and I can't imagine ever leaving you, but can't we please just work on things a bit more. If you could make life just slightly easier, I'd appreciate it. I know you won't, but I thought I would give begging a try this time around. Thanks, Brad