I love playing with content management systems, so when reading a story on lean user interface design, I saw a compelling ad for a CMS I hadn’t seen before called LightCMS, I immediately clicked. I perused the landing page and reviewed the features and then 2 things killed it for me.

You might think that the turnoff for me was that it’s a commercial product. After all, at Captiva, we are pretty solidly dedicated to open source and WordPress, but if something can give our marketing clients more power and ease of use, I am always open to trying a new CMS. No, it wasn’t that I would have to pay for the product, it was their requirement that I make my clients count on them for hosting and that they sell hosting based on the number of pages on a website. Really? Who does that? Even if I could get past them requiring I host with them, then I would expect their packages to be based upon performance levels for the hosting. While they do include more storage, the levels of storage are an insult to any tech savvy webmaster and they really and truly base their packages on how many pages and products I want to have on the site. How is that even relevant when “pages” are stored in a database and the number of products shouldn’t have an impact on anything. Can we please join 2014?


Pricing Plans | LightCMS.