Excellent points throughout this article. I would like to quote a great deal more, but I would be way beyond fair use on it. If you are hiring folks to provide you with web marketing or any kind of marketing services, then this piece will arm you well for proving the value.

When you’re looking at website operations or online marketing technology solutions, you’re probably already challenging yourself with these types of questions:

  • What are the strategic business challenges we are looking to solve with this technology solution?
  • What will success look like? Should we save 20 percent with this solution? Should we increase revenue by 10 percent? Or, should our cost per lead go down by a third?
  • How much will this particular solution contribute to that particular metric?

Then, if your vendor uses an ROI pitch to sell you the technology solution, challenge them with these questions:

  • How does your solution help us deliver against these specific business objectives?
  • What are you willing to do to help us achieve these business objectives?
  • Can we depend on you to deliver this ROI and help us with the ongoing improvements to either deliver against it or to continually improve on it?

Source: iMedia Connection: Proving ROI Made Simple

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