Marketing Experiments Home Page Optimization Webinar ScreenshotYou can always count on the team at Marketing Experiments to give you great lessons on web marketing. This is a long neglected component as a web marketing tool, because we make it serve too many masters. I know I’ve definitely been guilty of this on multiple occasions. This webinar does a good job of bringing together the changes needed for better performance.

On this homepage-specific Web clinic, Flint McGlaughlin, the Director of MECLABS Group, shared a few key optimization steps to help you build an effective, ROI-based homepage:

Step 1: Identify all homepage objectives
Step 2: Prioritize the objectives into three categories: primary objective, major objectives, and minor objectives
Step 3: Connect key success metrics to each objective category
Step 4: Design the homepage to weigh objectives strategically according to priority.
Step 5: Test the effect of competing objectives

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