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Very interesting news about Google Instant and how it will impact Search Engine Optimization. I always tell my South Florida clients, that ultimately no matter how the game changes, its about the value of the content you create and the number of people that think your content has value. If your content is relevant and good and people link to it, then you likely won’t have to “game” the system, but make sure you are using outside content publishing opportunities as well.

Google Instant has changed how the SERP looks and how many results show, but—overwhelmingly—the behavior of most searchers to click on the top results hasn’t changed. Only now those top results are shown more often and are driving more traffic, so obtaining a top position is more important than ever. On the flip side, keywords ranking at the bottom of Page 1 are starting to get more attention, while keywords on subsequent results pages are tanking. Time to do that extra work to push your keywords from the top of Page 2 to the bottom of Page 1.

via Guest Post: How Google Instant Can Help And Hurt SEO.