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You wouldn’t know it from my recent posts, but I really like Facebook and respect what they have created, but in recent weeks and twice today, they’ve made it abundantly clear, that when it comes to users and small businesses they just don’t get it. Frankly though, this won’t only impact small businesses, but will also impact anyone in marketing, that is trying to keep it fresh on their Facebook page via blog posts being fed in from their site. Now Facebook is removing the ability to have your blog posts feed into your Facebook page automatically. We don’t ever advocate to our web marketing clients that they only use a feed to post content to Facebook and we help them keep their social media presence fresh and interactive, but this change just stinks for already overburdened marketers and business owners. I get it, they want to up the direct interaction and OWN the web, but it’s a strategy that disconnects them from the millions of businesses that want to also keep their content up to date in an easy way when they post something to their blog.

Here is what I saw when I logged in this morning. It might as well read – “we don’t care that you are overworked and stressed and we don’t care if this turns you off on how we feel about small businesses, because we have you and we can force you to do our bidding”.  Stupid.

Changes to How You Share Content in Notes

You currently automatically import content from your website or blog into your Facebook notes. Starting November 22nd, this feature will no longer be available, although you’ll still be able to write individual notes. The best way to share content from your website is to post links on your timeline. Learn more about notes.