Hubspot social media marketing ebook eblastDear Hubspot,

I love your content.
I love your product concept(not necessarily execution and price).
I love your strategies for marketing yourself with valuable content. We’ve been doing that for web marketing clients here in Miami for a few years.

What I’m not a big fan of are two things:

  • Your orange color scheme bugs me every time I see your site or emails
  • your form requirements every time you send me something of Value

I received an email from you enticing me yet again for a great ebook, this time it’s about how to effectively monitor your social media presence in just 10 minutes a day.

hubspot social media marketing ebook landing pageI get that you want every person that responds to fill out the form, but not sure if that’s because you want to punish us for digesting all your great content about web marketing, but never buying or if you just haven’t figured out the personalization thing or if your newsletter system can’t tel that I clicked a link to download something.

From a marketing perspective, I think it would serve you well to provide a download link and make me watch a short case study video about your product before I get the download, rather than make me fill out an 11 field form. At the very least, how about profiling the form and giving me some really leading question like click here for a 10% discount or some other sort of incentive to learn more, refer a friend, or signup. Why not release limited functionality in your product that will give me a taste of the power of your product or some other incentive to give you more.

Your sales people must love and hate your marketing strategy. While on one hand they get a lot of leads, on the other hand they get a lot of junk. I am all about understanding long lead times, but after 2 years, maybe it makes sense to put some ads in your content for this of us that don’t buy your products so you are at least making a little money for your great free content.

Does your CRM see that I’ve filled out the form about 150 times by now?

Don’t mean to sound ungrateful and as I said I love your content, but what can we do to streamline the process so rather than being annoyed, I actually appreciate your brand even more.

I also want to pass my apologies on to your designer. For some reason, orange doesn’t work for me for a serious business application, but I am sure it is fine for you and others.