This good news.  Let’s hope it tracks across all keywords and it stays this way.

Cheaper Keywords?

Cheaper Keywords?

JANUARY 19, 2006

Are you paying too much for keywords? Maybe. According to one source prices are easing somewhat.

Eighteen months ago Fathom Online began tracking keyword prices in eight categories. The average of all the prices tracked is summarized in their Keyword Price Index (KPI).

In December 2005, Fathom reported that the average KPI dropped 2% in one month — down to $1.43 from $1.46 in November.

There was a great deal of fluctuation between categories. Telecom Wireless keyword prices climbed 15% to $1.09 after dropping 10% in November, and the Automotive sector showed a gain for the second month in a row, rising 10% to $1.52. Those increases were offset by drops in the prices paid for Finance Investment and Mortgage keywords. These fell 11% and 10% respectively.

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